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5711 Friendship Ave #3
Pittsburgh, PA, 15206
United States


East Liberty Workwear provides technical apparel solutions to enhance worker productivity, safety, and comfort for high performance work sites.

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Workplace Safety is Complex. We Make PPE Selection Simple.

Workwear That Fits

Safety is complex. Injuries at work are costly and preventable. We're experts in safety apparel and PPE and will work with you to protect your team through compliant, better fitting, and more comfortable workwear.  

We specialize in working with small to mid-size businesses to outfit their employees. Let us help you determine the right PPE for your work requirements and budget. 

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Certified Fitting (SmartFit)

The fit of workwear is critical to performance and safety. Let us help your team get the right PPE by using our SmartFit program.

Wide Assortment

We carry a wide range of brands and styles and work with our customers to select the right equipment for the job.

Smart Purchasing

Analyzing the seasonal outfitting needs of each customer allows us to uncover opportunities for improving comfort and provide cost savings through careful selection of PPE. 

“East Liberty Workwear is a true partner in safety and helped get our crew into the right PPE without breaking our budget.”

Proud Members of the Safety Community